Magnum Capital
“I have been working with Eduarda for several years, on various occasions, and on the different roles that each of us has held during our professional lives. I would say that today, more than a friend, Eduarda is a person that I completely trust and with whom I share ideas, especially in human resources related areas. Eduarda has led assessments of top management structures under my responsibility, succession plans, sectorial frameworks, and of course, selection of leaders in their fields of expertise. The latest formal work, in the context of a company from the portfolio of Magnum, included the analysis of the top management and its restructuring, with the selection and hiring of the best in the sector. Very sucessfuly conducted.” João Talone General Partner, Magnum Capital
"One of our Management Team Members had the chance to work with Eduarda Luna Pais, for a few months, on a personalized executive coaching program. In a very challenging business environment, Eduarda helped him to work on his department’s organization and succeed in the difficult task of creating a positive team dynamic and the strong feeling of cohesion / mission purpose across his direct reports. Receiving Eduarda's advices and management tips helped him grow as a Manager, offering him the opportunity to better understand organizational behaviors and improving his business impact as a consequence." Gilda Raposo Iberia Organization & Development Director, Danone
"ELPing has been our HR excellence Partner in Portugal.
We found in ELPing a great Team, super professional, experient and with a very high capacity to understand our needs, as well as the Values and Vision that characterize our Organization. They have always managed, efficiently, the perfect match between the profiles we seek and those presented." António Vicente Correia Iberian Manager, Ratisbona
"ELPing is our HR strategic partner. With a deep understanding of our reality, ELPing works with us as if it was part of our company." António Jorge Executive President, Sogepoc Holding
"My experience with ELPing was very rewarding because despite normal uncertainties associated with a new business area, they managed to decode the mission, characterize the features that were most suited to the needs of the project and identified the candidate that best fitted the new challenge. The way in which the whole process took place, quickly allowed the development of great trust between people, the basis for the success of any project." João Albergaria General Manager, Alfawassermann Portugal
"An excellent network and a sound knowledge of both the Pharmaceutical Market and the needs of Clients have been key to ELPing's success in the projects it has developed with Janssen." José Antunes Medical Director, Janssen "It is a great partnership, very transparent, flexible and practical. Very good understanding of our needs and where we want to be." Maria Faria HR Head Janssen Portugal, Janssen
"ELPing has a team of excellent professionals that manage to involve the company's structure in organization projects. This allows the activities to happen in a dynamic and fast, yet rigorous, way. Its practical and transparent approach to work methodologies and to the presentation of the work allows the growth of confidence between teams and produces short term results, a crucial factor in the present entrepreneurial context." Alberto Castanho Ribeiro Board Member, REFER